03 October 2008

6 Kekeliruan Seks yang dilakukan laki-laki

Jadi pria jangan merasa tahu tentang wanita sebelum baca ini. Karena enam kesalahan ini sering dilakukan pria...jadi IQRO' lah....

Sex Mistake No.1: You Know What She Wants
Every woman are different. Their way's need of treating sex is individual for every woman. So if you think that you know what she wants...you are terribly wrong.

Sex Mistake No. 2: You Have All She Needs
Some woman were hard to get orgasm although using dildo at 3000 rpm. None of man organ can produce that kind of vibration. So don't think to make dildo as your substitute, but as your helping gadget.

Sex Mistake No. 3: Sex Feels the Same for Men and Women
What you feel so good are not meaning that you partner do too. As in deep penetration when your d..ck touch the cervix, it made you feel so good, but woman feel it like something beat her stomach. So don't forget to ask your partner : Is it feel good ? Or Does It heart you?

Sex Mistake No. 4: You Know Your Way Around a Woman's Anatomy
Most guys know generally what a clit is and where to find it. That's not to say that they really understand it. Ask your woman how do they want their clit to be treated. Some woman like their clit was stimulate indirectly but some other does.

Sex Mistake No. 5: Wet = Turned On
Turn on doesn't mean that the vagina become wet. So don't worry to penetrate although it doesn't get wet, if you are sure that she has turn on.

Sex Mistake No. 6: Silence Is Golden
Silent is golden. Nowadays silent is bullshit. You should talk to your partner while having intercourse. Say "Yeah I like it" or "Did you like it". Sometimes she did fake orgasm just to please you.

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