25 February 2009

Natural Suplements

As we know, our healthy bodies can be maintained by taking some vitamin, mineral and doing exercise regularly. If one of them is less then our bodies will not function maximally and effectively. In a healthy body theres is a good immunity, that will defense our bodies, so we can't get sick easily.

Another way to improve our immunity from a disease is by taking suplemen which can stimulate our immun system. One of the best is Poly MVA. Poly MVA is a promising new dietary supplement that may assist in boosting immune response, and healing damaged cells. It is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement containing a proprietary blend of Palladium and alpha-lipoic Acid (which we refer to as LAPd), Vitamins B1, B2 and B12, Formylmethionine, Acetyl Cystiene, and trace amounts of Molybdinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. It is designed to provide energy for the compromised body systems by changing the electrical potential of human cells, increasing the charge density of DNA within the cell.

Poly MVA is a new, nontoxic, powerful antioxidant dietary supplement. While definitive studies on it's effect in human nutrition and health are under way, early studies and anecdotal information indicate that the active ingredients in Poly MVA may be beneficial in protecting cell DNA and RNA, assisting the body produce energy, and provide support to the liver in removing harmful substances from the body. Some studies indicate that ingredients of Poly MVA can assist in preventing cell damage, and removing heavy metals from the bloodstream. As a powerful antioxidant, it can help to neutralize the free radicals within the body that are thought to influence the aging processes and convert them into energy. Other ingredients are involved in DNA synthesis, production of the myelin sheath that protects nerves, and red blood cell production, and playing an important role in immune and nerve function.

From a variety of mineral suplemen products, one of it is intraMAX ™. Most illnesses, diseases and ailments can be traced to mineral or nutritional deficiencies in the body. intraMAX™ may be effectively used to treat many different patient problems by providing the missing elements for good health. Without a doubt, minerals are "the gift of life" and cellular function becomes impossible without them! The 74th Congress, 2nd Session of United States declared 99% of Americans are mineral deficient because our foods no longer contain adequate amounts of essential Organic trace minerals critically necessary to maintain health, promote healing, and prevent illness. In the absence of sufficient Organic trace minerals, our bodies cease to function properly.

Sometimes we bored and depressed to our daily job rutinity. It's better for you to take something that will not harm you, so you can get relaxed. Lithium is the most common element used for stabilizing mood swings, mania and depression. Lithium orotate (the lithium salt of orotic acid) is 20 times more bio-active than other lithium salts, allowing a reduction in dosage greatly reducing the likelihood and severity of potential side effects. Orotate is an organic "carrier" that transports the natural Lithium exactly where it needs to be delivered so that it reaches the blood cells of our brain. This is where chemical imbalances occur. When organic Lithium is combined with Orotate, it is reported to be many times more effective than the chemical, inorganic Lithium and to have NO side effects.

Lithium Orotate may provide a natural help with the following : Mood Swings, Chemical Dependency, Depression, Mania, Bi-Polar, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Cluster Headaches, Alzheimer's and Brain Aging.

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